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About Alla ki alla

    Originally started in 1980 as a traditional cafe, and today, keeping its character almost intact, it offers an alternative approach to the modern lifestyle. Decorated with old Greek cinema and dishes that straddle the traditional and modern and innovative cuisine, it caters to all age groups. The quality of service and materials is always high and the tastes tempted to marry Cretan wines and raki and uninterrupted entertainment,

    If you want to find out why this Kaiambi & Gramvousis corner restaurant has been a favorite of the Heraklionians for almost 40 years, take a break and enjoy fresh pasta with cream cheese and saffron sauce, pork chops and cheesecake on the clay with potato crust, Mediterranean pie with traditional apaki and Cypriot halloumi, honey pies with honey. If you don't ... sweeten yourself with all this, there is a delicious waffle with vanilla ice cream and bueno cream!

    As for the cold winter days, at Alla ki alla restaurant you will find another surprise that will warm both your body and your heart. A traditional wood-burning stove will burn and wait for the hull with your food to cook it magically.

    To close, you will not find it any more, since it is located in one of the most central parts of Heraklion. What will surely make it difficult for you to say goodbye, since the smells, traditional drinks and frantic fun will keep you captive until the morning!

Restaurant Type:



Mediterranean, Creative, Modern


Entechni, Greek, Retro

Price Range:


Payment Options:

AMEX, VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

Hours of Operation:
Mo: 12:00-01:30, Tu: 12:00-01:30, We: 12:00-01:30, Th: 12:00-01:30, Fr: 12:00-01:30, Sa: 12:00-01:30, Su: 21:00-01:30
Cross Street:

Kagiabi & Gramvousis, Irakleio 712 01 - 71201