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What are eatcoins

eatCoins are reward points that you can collect from your reservations (and not only) through You can redeem your collected eatCoins for discounts that range from 15€ to 200€ that you will receive at the affiliated restaurants. The discounts you will receive cannot be combined with other promotions of the restaurant of your choice.
discount at your bill
discount at your bill
discount at your bill

How do I earn eatCoins;

By making a reservation at

Find the restaurants that provide eatCoins and reserve your table through For every reservation you make, you earn according to the total people that will go to the restaurant! The more the people, the more you earn!

Rate the restaurant you dined at!

After making your reservation, write a little more about your experience! We want to know if you had a good time, if something troubles you, anything you want to share with us and other potential visitors! For every review you will earn eatCoins that will get you to the next level of cash out!

How do I spend my eatCoins?

Go to your eatCoins page by clicking
Click on the redeem button and select the reservation details, your area, and the date of your cash out.
Choose one of the participating restaurants and the amount you want to redeem! You may redeem on any weekday, except Friday/Saturday/Sunday or any other major holiday
That was it! The restaurant you chose will provide the discount you selected from your total bill!
Don't forget, 1 eatCoin=1€!

More Information

Do my eatCoins expire?

Yes they do. They expire 3 months afterwards, unless you make a reservation within that timeframe in order to renew their duration for 3 more months!

How man eatCoins can I redeem?

Every time you redeem eatCoins, the system shows the number of eatCoins that you can use for each restaurant. You should also keep in mind that the total available for each restaurant differs! The exact amount of eatCoins that you can redeem is 25, 50, 80, 120 and 200. The exact amount is automatically calculated by algorithm and based on the average price of the restaurant you want to visit!

When do I get my eatCoins?

In three days from your reservation. Of course, if your honored your reservation. Careful: If less people showed up, then you will receive less eatCoins.

How can I find out how many eatCoins I have?

You can visit your profile at the section "eatCoins" or at the top of your website, next to the eatCoins logo.

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