About Picanha

    Beginning in June 2018, Chef Bruno Cardoso recommends Brazilian cuisine and philosophy to the world of Thessaloniki. Picanha has come to give a different note to the city's tastes and to introduce us to Latin America's tasteful treasures.

    You will find the first Brazilian restaurant in Thessaloniki on Egyptian street 3 in Ladadika, and in a warm and Parisian environment, you will enjoy creations such as Madioca, a fried root from the Madioca plant, a potato-free alternative that does not contain potato gluten! If you still want to know what is the most popular street food in Brazil, choose Bread, Cream Cheese and Chicken Croquettes. For the most ... hungry, the Mamina is the perfect choice, juicy pieces of veal baked with rosemary and mustard. Finally, because a ... Picanha has to confirm its name, if you are looking for a homely veal dish cut with traditional Brazilian technique, the Picanha restaurant is the perfect choice for you.

    Finally, whether you are from Thessaloniki or visiting it, the only sure thing is that leaving Picanha restaurant you will be absolutely delighted and tasty, as well as the positive aura you will encounter.

Restaurant Type:



Greek, Brazilian



Price Range:


Payment Options:

AMEX, VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

Hours of Operation:
Tu: 13:00-00:00, We: 13:00-00:00, Th: 13:00-00:00, Fr: 13:00-00:00, Sa: 13:00-00:00, Su: 13:00-00:00
Cross Street:

Aigyptou 3, Thessaloniki 546 25 - 54625