About Na me Thimasai

    Na me thymasai (Remenber me), in Larissa ... If the point is not just to get enough ... If the point is simply not to drink wine because we went out together ... If the point is not to get out of the house because it's Friday or Saturday night ... If the point is to get out of the house for something truly different, something that perfectly combines good food with the whole concept of "orthophagy" ... If the point is to accompany good food with a wine that will bring out the flavors ... If they want it to be in an environment with a special aesthetic but also with a special service ... If all this is to evolve under the sounds of a perfectly balanced music that does not offend our acoustic resources or our aesthetics ... then the art restaurant Na me thymasai in Larissa comes as a very important proposition for those looking for a friendly lunch or dinner.

    The perfectly pure raw materials cooked in Na me thymasai in Larissa, even adapting the "gourmet" versions to the Greek reality, undoubtedly fulfill all the features of "orthophagy".

    The wine labels that cover both the local and the wider Greek vineyard, selected to have the highest production of each variety, combined with selected international vineyard labels, give unlimited access to the right accompaniment.

    The permanent exhibition of paintings deals with works that belong to the author's private gallery Angelos Petroulakis and all of them are works of Larissa creators. Of course at times the site also hosts individual exhibitions of painters who wish to reach a wider audience.

    The music ... Here approaches are made from a "melodic warehouse" of 250,000 pieces of music, ranging from the pre-classical Corelli to the contemporary. The people of the area are trying to harmonize it with the musical sensibilities of the majority of Na me thymasai guests in Larissa. And of course they even fulfill some requests, because there are often times when our company feels the need for a specific listening.

    From the smile of Mary, Helen and Peter, who will greet you and take care of changing your dishes in a timely manner and be full of glass, to Dimitris' special knowledge and experience of the wine you want to enjoy, up to the culinary experience and art of chef Manolis Pantazis and the other five of his team, everything works perfectly to make you and your company feel worthy of the price and care you expect…

    Another important element that differentiates Na me thymasai from Greek restaurants is that whatever food, wine or drink you can taste, one can search for a book from their libraries and to spend his time pleasantly alone, or waiting for his company. It is unique in number and diversity of albums (travel - photographic - visual) and communicates directly with one of the richest literary libraries.

    For friends of the Harmony of Wine and Food tastes, "Tasting Nights" are organized almost every month, featuring wines from specific estates and related dishes that highlight the characteristics of wines.

    This is the identity of Na me thymasai in Larissa, a restaurant that can now claim to have beloved friends inside and outside of Larissa, inside and outside of Greece ...

Restaurant Type:

Bar Restaurant, Bistrot


Greek, Mediterranean, International



Price Range:


Payment Options:

AMEX, VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

Executive Chef:

M. Pantazis<br>synergates: K. Thamnidis, D. Tsivalios

Hours of Operation:
Mo: 13:00-00:00, Tu: 13:00-00:00, We: 13:00-00:00, Th: 13:00-00:00, Fr: 13:00-00:00, Sa: 13:00-00:00, Su: 13:00-00:00
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