Mikro Palati- Ola Sth Gastra

Mikro Palati- Ola Sth Gastra

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About Mikro Palati- Ola Sth Gastra

    In the town of Karditsa, specifically at st. Ypsilantou 78, there is the Little Palace-All in Gastra restaurant on Plastira Square. We are talking about a room with 3 internal floors, 2 fireplaces and a round table, in a very elegant and relaxed environment, with instrumental music sounds, suitable for both families and business meetings. It is a shop that has been operating since 1986 until today and is driven by customer satisfaction and excellent customer service.

    At the Little Palace Restaurant- All in Gastra there are so many options. You can try veal with cheese and yogurt on clay, lamb, pork with baked potatoes, tomato, pepper and 5 cheeses (edam, gouda, gruyere, feta, kefalotyri) as well as the pork with 3 meats in the pasta, still baked in the pasta and schnitzel and pizza of your choice. And because we are a Mediterranean people and salad is not missing from our diet, you can try Caesar salad or Green salad with lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, corn, croutons, sun-dried tomatoes, dill, gruyère, oil and balsam.

    Finally to end your meal in the sweetest way you can try the homemade sweet biscuit which needless to say it is handmade. Especially in the summer, if you decide to visit the Little Palace - All in Gastra, the people of the shop offer a refreshing ice cream. What do you think; Is it worth visiting?

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Greek, Mediterranean



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VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

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Mo: 18:00-00:30, Tu: 18:00-00:30, We: 18:00-00:30, Th: 18:00-00:30, Fr: 18:00-00:30, Sa: 12:30-00:30, Su: 12:30-00:30