About Agora (The Market)

In ancient times the market was part of the city where people congregated to meet their communication and social needs. In our time this term is now used to describe the part of the city in which people are shopping. In the 1866 street, the most picturesque part of Heraklion is placed the central market of the city, consisting of shops sandwiched next to each other, creating an open and colorful bazaar.

Therein lays the tavern "Agora" (The Market), a place of high aesthetic that revives the old sense of the term as a meeting and communication place while not creating any discord in the surrounding shops. The stone and wood as main elements of space combined with decorative accents help the harmonious coexistence of the traditional and the modern. By noon "Agora" becomes the center of entertainment in the city of Heraklion and invites you to enjoy delicious appetizers and succulent meat dishes accompanied by wonderful music.

The excellent quality and unbeatable taste of dishes is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. The wide variety of wines, raki, raki with honey and ouzo will perfectly accompany your culinary choices.

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