About God's Restaurant

    In addition to our history and culture, our country is known for two more things: For the richness and imagination of its cuisine and impeccable hospitality. A breath away from the Acropolis Museum and the historic center of Athens, you will find the restaurant that combines these two concepts in the most magical way. Specifically, at 23-27 Stratigou Makrigiannis Street, Gods' Restaurant promises you a journey into the most beloved tastes of our childhood, in a completely homely and intimate setting.

    The menu of Gods' Restaurant is endless and utilizes traditional Greek cuisine in the most creative and imaginative way. You can taste Mastic Chicken Busts in Cantaloupe Nest, Eggplant Tuna and Fresh Basil (a favorite Mount Athos recipe), the traditional "Thief" either with lamb or goat, with vegetables, cheese and potatoes, Fava caramelized octopus, capers and raisins chutney, Chicken stuffed, with Drama prosciutto and Cretan artichoke, with aromatic mushrooms on a handmade sliced ​​trahana, a lot of sweet and sour cherry on top. If, again, the smell of grilled meat is never missing from your meal, you can choose from a rich menu of grilled meats, such as souvlaki, shrimp, beef burger and more. Of course, there are also salads, appetizers, pasta and risotto that will perfectly complement your table.

    To close up, Gods' Restaurant is a nostalgia for downtown Athens and a restaurant that celebrates and advertises our culinary heritage within and across borders. Do not forget to follow Gods' Restaurant on social media to be the first to know about the surprises that surround us!




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Greek, Creative, Traditional


Entechni, Greek

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Mo: 08:00-01:00, Tu: 08:00-01:00, We: 08:00-01:00, Th: 08:00-01:00, Fr: 08:00-01:00, Sa: 08:00-01:00, Su: 08:00-01:00
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Stratigou Makrygianni 23-27, Athina 117 42 - 11742