About Filemata

    The Filemata Restaurant in Ioannina is located at 19 Parodos Cave, Perama area and has been described as a delicious paradise. It combines the breathtaking view, as you have the lake of Ioannina in front of you and the shop is built next to the cave of Perama.

    If one decides to visit the Filatema shop in Ioannina, one can taste feta cheese and bacon, sauteed radishes with goat cheese, sausage with Cretan cheese gravy, Naxos masculine and smoked cheese, lamb sausage, lamb sausage, lamb sausage For the most part of the meal, one should definitely try the delicatessen ice cream which is a homemade homemade sweet product. Also worth noting is the intense seasonality of the menu that relies purely on fresh raw materials available at the moment!

    Every dish at the Filemata Restaurant is a culinary journey that everyone should experience!

Restaurant Type:

Restaurant, Bistrot


Greek, Mediterranean


Entechni, Jazz, Greek

Price Range:


Payment Options:

AMEX, VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

Hours of Operation:
Tu: 19:30-02:00, We: 08:00-02:00, Th: 08:00-02:00, Fr: 08:00-02:00, Sa: 08:00-02:00, Su: 08:00-02:00