About Dyosmos

    Dyosmos in Piraeus is a fine restaurant. It got its name from the mint plant because like the fragrant mint virtues the restaurant is quickly perceived and you don't forget it. In antiquity the Greeks, before eating, perfumed their table with mint leaflets to open the appetite. Choosing a name is by no means a coincidence. Dyosmos in Piraeus is housed in a beautiful house designed by its architect in 1920, when he came from Constantinople.

    With Dyosmos menu you will really be delighted. We suggest you to try the excellent salad with Lettuce, Rocket, Caramelized Almonds, Mastello Chios, Citrus Vinegreens and Mint. In terms of appetizers, there are many choices… Asia Minor Tamboulla with Wheaty Edessa Cabbage, Fava Schinoussas with Roasted Onion and Apaki Crete, Sheep's Round, Spicy Yogurt Sauce and Fantastic Sticks with Eggs. Talking about man dished, don't forget to try Corfu Sofrito with veal fillets, split potato, olives and onion dried, Cretan pasta with Skioufita, Apaki and Stakas cream and finally Corfu pasta with minced meat.

    If you want to close this dinner in the sweetest way possible, choose the sweet dream Cremeux French chocolate valrhona chocolate based biscuit, Serres peanut butter and salted pistachio. We're already hungry ... do you? Still not going to Duosmos restaurant in Piraeus?

Restaurant Type:

Modern Tavern, Mezedopolio


Greek, Mediterranean


Soft Listening

Price Range:


Payment Options:

VISA, Mastercard

Hours of Operation:
Mo: 17:00-01:00, Tu: 17:00-01:00, We: 17:00-01:00, Th: 17:00-01:00, Fr: 17:00-01:00, Sa: 13:00-01:00, Su: 13:00-01:00
Cross Street:

Freattydos 42, Peiraias 185 37 - 18537