Che Cocina Y Barra Sudamericana

Che Cocina Y Barra Sudamericana

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About Che Cocina Y Barra Sudamericana

    In the heart of the historic port of Piraeus and in a magnificent 1890s neoclassical, you will find the Bar-Restaurant Che Cocina Y Barra Sudamericana. Its atmospheric interior will take you for a while to Cuba or Mexico, and its colorful courtyard is the perfect setting for nights inspired by Latin American culture. Entering the courtyard will be welcomed by Frida Kahlo's persona, through the imposing 14-meter-high graffiti!

    At Che Cocina Y Barra Sudamericana and at 151 Karaiskou Street, the distinguished chef Thanos Stassinos arranges a menu that brings Latin American air to the city of Piraeus, with dishes such as Chili Con Carne Burger, Black Angus Spare Ribs with Mexican Chicken Curry, pork iberico and many more.

    When the night comes and the lights go down, Che Cocina Y Barra Sudamericana gets a dreamy atmosphere and barman George Filippides mixes the most imaginative and cool cocktails, giving you the perfect closure for your evening!

Restaurant Type:

Bar Restaurant





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Payment Options:

AMEX, VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

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Executive Chef:

Thanos Stasinos

Hours of Operation:
Mo: 10:00-00:00, Tu: 10:00-00:00, We: 10:00-00:00, Th: 10:00-00:00, Fr: 10:00-00:00, Sa: 10:00-00:00, Su: 10:00-00:00
Cross Street:

Karaiskou 151, Peiraias 185 35 - 18535