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About Mbrakatsaki

    Brakatsaki restaurant is clearly the hangout of the company and since 2015 offers the best dining and entertainment services. Its space is warm and friendly, with its dominant element of wood decoration. It will remind you of the traditional taverns of the past and will create a strong feeling of nostalgia for the good old Greek entaetainment.

    You can find Brakatsaki restaurant at 100 Theodoritou Varestenou Street in Neos Kosmos and you will have the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of appetizers. Indicatively, we can mention: Sfakianopita, Fried Liver, Pumpkin Pie, Fennel Pie, Fried Slice, Tomato and Cheese Crisps. After all these, you can continue with lamb ribs, chicken ribs, kebabs, yogurt, chicken fried, pork fried, traditional sausage and pork loin. There are also many choices of cooks depending on the menu of each day.

    At Brakatsaki restaurant you can also try fresh seafood such as cod, garlic shrimp, steamed mussels and fried shrimp as well as Brakatsaki restaurant's saladl Of course after a good meal Brakatsaki offers sweet treats like various season fruits, chocolate trunk and yogurt!

Restaurant Type:

Restaurant, Mezedopolio




Greek Laika, Entechni, Rembetika, Greek

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Payment Options:

VISA, Mastercard

Hours of Operation:
Mo: 10:00-23:30, Tu: 10:00-23:30, We: 10:00-23:30, Th: 10:00-23:30, Fr: 10:00-23:30, Sa: 10:00-23:30, Su: 00:00-23:30
Cross Street:

Theodoritou Vresthenis 100, Athina 117 45 - 11745