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  • Up to 3.00 Loyalty Points for each person of your reservation (3.00 €)
  • For example: Make a reservation for 10 people and earn up to € in Loyalty Points.
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  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (public holidays are excluded).

About 7 thalasses Thessaloniki

    A sophisticated menu, up-to-date cellar fresh ingredients & culinary ideas honors Mediterranean cooking wisdom and seafood lovers. These are the basic principles of one of Thessaloniki's most famous restaurants, the 7 Seas!

    Big day fish, seashells and seafood that boast iodine, wonderfully appetizing, traditional desserts with modern touches and 60 selected wine labels travel the demanding fragrance in the foam of delight at Thessaloniki's 7 Seafood Restaurant.

    The environment of the restaurant 7 Seas of Thessaloniki comfortable and friendly is addressed to customers who appreciate the high aesthetics and the aquatic element.

    Finally, at the 7 Seaside Restaurant, you can have an unforgettable business lunch, tailored to your tastes that can make your stay inviting.

    And let's not forget ... For the most part, we highly recommend you try the Vlach Rosewood made with Mount Athos recipe!

Restaurant Type:

Sea Food Restaurant


Creative, Fish (Fresh)

Price Range:


Payment Options:

AMEX, VISA, DINERS, Mastercard

Executive Chef:

Papanikolaou Dionysis

Hours of Operation:
Mo: 12:30-00:00, Tu: 12:30-00:00, We: 12:30-00:00, Th: 12:30-00:00, Fr: 12:30-00:00, Sa: 12:30-00:00, Su: 12:30-00:00
Cross Street:

Kalapothaki 8-10,, Thessaloniki 54624 - 54624

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