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About Oinovasilemata

    Are you in Ilisia and looking for the best Music Tavern? If so then Oinovasilemata is clearly your ideal destination. You will love it and we highly recommend it! Oinovasilemata tavern has been offering quality food and excellent service for a year and at perfect prices. In a totally friendly environment that will surely make you and your company enjoy the best of times and become your daily hangout. Also, every Friday, Saturday night and Sunday noon you can relax and enjoy great rebetika and folk music.

    At Oinovasilemata is sure to eat well and have fun with your soul. Start with zucchini, slice with sesame or fried clay, and garlic aubergine. After we have the appetite, we continue with the main dishes such as Roasted Chicken, their delicious specialties, pork in the oven with tomato peppers and onions, chicken nuggets with eggplants in the hull and some soujouki saliva!! For a salad, the Wine Restaurant offers a homonym containing spinach, lettuce, rocket, rolls, corn, pomegranate, croutons and balsamic sauce.

    Don't think about it anymore ... all roads to great food lead to 15 Charalambou Mouskou Street in Ilisia at Oinovasilemata Music Tavern !!

Restaurant Type:

Restaurant, Mezedopolio




Greek Laika, Rembetika

Price Range:


Payment Options:

VISA, Mastercard

Hours of Operation:
Tu: 12:00-00:00, We: 12:00-00:00, Th: 12:00-00:00, Fr: 12:00-02:00, Sa: 12:00-02:00, Su: 12:00-00:00
Cross Street:

Charalabous Mouskou 15, Athina 113 63 - 11363