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About Grande Toro

    At the end of 2018, businessmen Dimitris Sarantopoulos and Manolis Tzinevrakis combined their ideas and experience and created the ultimate Steak House in Argiroupolis. Grande Toro has is strongly influenced by American culture, both in its environment and its cuisine,

    At Marinou Geroulanou Street and at No. 85, the grill welcomes, daily, the best meats such as American Rib Eye, marinated with thyme and rosemary, with Rocca salad and baby potatoes, pork ribs with BBQ or Jack Daniels sauce, potatoes salad, as well as a wide selection of Burgers, who borrow items from all the kitchens around the world. There are, of course, the fancy accompanying dishes that will complement your table, such as Quessadilla Chicken (Chicken Tortilla, Bacon, Fresh Vegetables and Gouda Cheese with Balsamic Glaze), Sizzling Plate Cheddar cheese) and much more.

    To close, Grande Toro in Argyroupolis is the Steak House that fanatics will adore, but it will also introduce to the least fanatics to authentic American BBQ.

Restaurant Type:

Steak House


American, Meat


Soft Listening

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Payment Options:

VISA, Mastercard, MAESTRO

Hours of Operation:
Tu: 17:00-00:00, We: 17:00-00:00, Th: 17:00-00:00, Fr: 17:00-01:00, Sa: 12:00-01:00, Su: 12:00-01:00
Cross Street:

Marinou Geroulanou 85, Argyroupoli 164 52 - 16452