About Epi Xandakos

At the pedestrian Xandakos, starting from the Four Lions square and ends at the sea, there is the best in our opinion bistro of the city of Heraklion. The "Epi Xandakos" invites you to experience pleasurable moments of relaxation, in a unique and sophisticated space with historical references, in a warm and friendly environment, wherever you choose to sit: inside at the ground and the first floor, or outside at the tables in pedestrian or the enchanting roof garden.

Everybody recognizes and appreciates the "Epi Xandakos" for the dozens of varieties of coffee, tea, chocolate, fondue and beverages from all over the world and rare Cretan herbs and for the accompanying cookies and delicious desserts, such as apple pie and the chocolate souffle.

The "Epi Xandakos" is considered unquestionably one of the best Cafe of Heraklion, but is much more than a simple Cafe. Anyone tried the food was pleasantly surprised by the high quality and flavors, as the dishes are worthy of comparison with those of the best restaurants in town! Emphasizing the qualitative selection of delicious suggestions, where the idea of handmade dominates in order to enhance the feeling of homemade flavors, the bistro "Epi Xandakos" invites you on a magical culinary journey.

We tasted the most delicious version of the Caesar salad and the best Club Sandwich we've ever tasted, and believe us there are plenty of places that we have visited! Also stand out the delicious homemade burgers made from fresh ingredients, with the secret recipe of "Epi Xandakos". Can such a delicious temptation be healthy and at the same time? Usually cannot. At "Epi Xandakos" this bet was won, without losing the taste! The burgers are made daily from 100% fresh lean ground beef with home care. Burgers like this are made only by the hands of mother and "Epi Xandakos"dbo.Restaurants.

At "Epi Xandakos" beer is honored! Here you will find over 100 beer labels from around the world and remarkable creations of local brewing. Delicious varieties of meats, cold dishes with the best cheese varieties and vegetables rolls for the vegans are just some of the proposals can be found in order to accompany your cold beer or wine. The generous and tasty dishes that accompany your cold beer, the warmth and excellent staff service will make you spend your time unforgettable!

From the early morning for coffee and breakfast, at midday and evening for food and wine or beer, the bistro "Epi Xandakos" will fascinate anyone who visits it for his own amusement. The excellent menu and the full list of sweets and beverages, are ideal for those looking for something moredbo.Restaurants.

Restaurant Type:

Cafe Bar Restaurant, Bistrot, Beer Restaurant, Roof Garden


Mediterranean, International, Finger Food

Price Range:


Executive Chef:

Roditakis Manolis

Cross Street:

Xandakos 43, Heraklion 71202 - 71202

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